Did you know the absolutely brilliant Pit Stop Krew scooter club are based within the Club’s premesis?

Did you also know that our unique little Club in the heart of Dublin 8 is run exclusively through volunteering?

Without massive efforts from the volunteers, it would be nigh on impossible to keep the doors open to our important institution and listed building.

For a number a months the Pit Stop Krew were renovating the interior of their premises.

All developments were being completed under the cover of darkness, as it were, when the boys and girls could free themselves away from family and commitments.

A huge diverse skillset among their members is the enabling force that drives their final goals. Things have ratchet up a gear and it’s time to oil the wheels and enhance the optics of our beautiful little square.

An absolutely astonishing final product. The before and after of the window replacement is exceptional. Expect to see more window renovations and exterior spruce up over the next few weeks.

Should there be any benevolent benefactors… we are always here to accept financial contributions or raw materials.

Pit Stop Krew

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