The Special Fund Draw

The Special Fund Draw

Join Our Special Fund Monthly Prize Draw
The Special Fund Monthly Prize Draw has operated very successfully since November 2010 with the specific goal of generating a fund that would be used to contribute much need monies towards payment of rent on the Premises.

How it Works
The idea is simple. Subscribers commit to paying €10 a month for a minimum of one year and this is paid into a Special Prize Fund Bank Account. From this fund roughly half is paid out in prize money every month and half goes towards the rent. Costs are be kept to a minimum and capped at 10% of all monies collected.

In the 19 months it has been running, over €32,000 has been raised in total, paying out just over €16,000 in prize money and €16000 towards the rent fund.

This Draw is open to members and non members alike. In fact the more the merrier - As new people join, the prize fund and rent fund rise in equal measure.

The Draw takes place on the last Saturday of the Month in the Club

Prizes in year one, from November 2010 to October 2011, were on a winner takes all basis with approximately €840 paid out every month to a single winner. In year two the prize structure was changed by popular request to six prizes First Prize and second prizes have averaged at around €530 and €110 respectively per month with 4 other prizes of €50 each.

How to Join
Those wishing to subscribe can download and fill in the commitment form or call to the Club and ask for a form from a committee member or the Bar manager. The Completed form with the appropriate subscription should be sent to The Secretary at the Club address. All monies will be receipted. Please do not send cash by post. If you wish to pay by cash please do so in the Club itself.

Subscribing by Standing Order
For those wishing to pay by Standing Order please contact us to find out how [email protected]

Special Offers on Membership Subscription
Subscribers can avail of special offers with regard to Club Membership fees through participation in the Draw. The annual membership subscription will be paid by the fund for those who pay by Annual Lump Sum or by Standing Order. It will also be paid for the following year for those who pay consistently over a 12 month period by other means.

Please see the rules of the draw for further details. Click here

Commitment Form
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