Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer are flanked on all sides by their children, all members of the singing Von Trapp family, in this publicity handout from the 1965 adaption of the Rogers and Hammerstein musical, The Sound of Music.

By order from on high – This Friday’s Croonerista is Film Night.

Yes folks, it’s Phil Scorsleazy in the Director’s chair at the next Croonerista and he’s asking – sorry, telling – you all to come with a song from a film.

Tues evening…ring, ring…Cronerista’s Phil calls me with a kind of an SOS call. Instead of saying why did it have to be me, he says “everybody’s talking about me being in the chair Charlie! So I just called to make sure you send out the Croonerista message I instructed you to – and it better make me look good!”

Giving up the hosting of Croonerista? – as time goes by I really wonder have I invented a monster? But I said ‘I’d be happy to do it Phil – just this once – I do it for you’. So folks you better smile and do what he says. He’s ruthless – it’s all about staying alive – musically, that is. And as Phil says, “I have a dream – and if you make it come true, and you come with a really great film theme song, you’re the one that I want.” So once you’ve done your nine to five day job guys, get thinking and come with your favourite film song – you’ll be in the eye of the tiger after all.

Jeez, it used to be simple when I hosted, wasn’t it? Nice, relaxed, bring any song you like – that’s the way we were wasn’t it? But take a look at me now – I’m stressed already. What a feeling? But now Director Phil has put the pressure on and you’ll all probably have a night fever for the week. I know you all love Phil – but how deep is your love really?

He says to me – “even though you’re history, you better be there Charlie…and your ‘has been’ sidekick ‘Alex’ or whatever his name is – too!” I said ‘no worries Phil, and if we dont make this one, we’ll meet again at the next one’. And Phil, despite your God complex personality change – so long, I will always love you.

He even wants to change the spelling of ‘film’ for the updated Oxford dictionary. It’s now – Philm!

Que sera, sera.

Camera. Lights. Session.


NOTE: There are 21 film song titles buried in the message above. The first person to name them all, Phil will buy your drink for the entire night (won’t you Phil?).

Croonerista night this Friday 08.03.2024

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