You may have noticed that the country acquired a new Taoiseach today following the resignation of our previous glorious leader. Not to be outdone, The Croonerista Social Club has also acquired new leadership, following the request of Charlie and Alan to step back from their lofty positions as guardians of our musical tastebuds.

Those of you who have attended either or both of the last 2 sessions will have noticed that there have been new MC’s at the helm, and this trend is set to continue this coming Friday, when once again we will have new MC’s.

So you are all invited to come along on Friday to the The Croonerista Social Club in the CIE Club in Inchicore to share in another night of music and song, which will undoubtedly include rousing, passionate, tender, humourous and otherwise amazing contributions from all and sundry.

Be there or be rectangular!!

The Croonerista Social Club – Friday – 12.04.2024

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