The old days are back.

What a great night for all with excellent entertainment from the MusicLee promoted event. People turned up for the music and by God they got that and more.

First up was Joe Dunne. An effortless player and seasoned entertainer. Great songs to boot! It will be alright on the night…

The main act was Mick Hanley and co. Guitarist Anto Drennan hit the hall with incredible tone and control, delving into some exceptional guitar licks from his trusty Musicman guitar. Exceptional.

Mick Hanley bedazzled the audience with a barrage of storytelling between songs. Hilarious stories and anecdotes.

Darkness to light.

From savage school bashings lashed out on innocent kids (for forgetting their poetry lines) by men the cloth, to the lotto winner to the French docks. Attention Sous! 🙂

A big bow and thank you to the events promoter and all performers. Irish entertainment in an ‘old school’ setting at its best.


The good news is that would like to stage another night in the future.

A lookback at the recent hosted gig…

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