Or sewer-ted as we say in here.

A massive body of maintenance work was completed this week.

An ongoing problem within the Club for the past 13 or so years was resolved by the current Committee, over 1 week, with the assistance of “Unbeatable Drain Cleaning”.

After numerous micro blockages, and a litany of legacy issues relayed to us, we worked extremely hard to raise funds and send the camera down.

The camera nearly descended the depths into Davy Jones’s locker.

Breakage of pipes and a massive cavern was found which was snagging debris and detritus being flushed down into the depths, as it were.

It was one of those “invisible”, uninteresting and deceptive projects that are very costly to resolve. In our case the fix, over about 20 metres of piping ran into the thousands of Euro.

A huge thanks to the Committee for achieving a major milestone with this major piece of sterling maintenance work.


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